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About Us

PT. Jakarta Teknologi Solusindo (JTEK) was established as Software Creator Company with a vision to develop and grow the company becoming a global software enterprise specialized in mission critical application

With a long experiences in financial industry,we will becoming one of the leading software provider in financial sector. What has made us different from other players is the company innovation in technology and in-depth domain knowledge of the people in the industry that learned from the experiences

The company mission is set to be the leading solution provider in banking industry in this region with continuously putting the effort in Research & Development to up-lift its products functionality supported by advanced technology and platform to obtain a high quality products

iLOS - Loan Origination System


Flexible & Modular

We provide almost complete Loan Origination with modular based Application


Workflow Built-in

Built-in workflow engine, simplify when business process changed


Credit Scoring

Powerful and Flexible Credit Scoring Module



Parameterize Product, Events, Spesial Margin, Score Card and with simple but powerful User Interface



Every bank have its own need, we also provide customization for implementing our meet your Business Requirement



Cluster enable application to handle more request when business grow






Hours Of Support


Hard Workers

Powercash - Cash Management System

Web based

Access through internet anytime, anywhere with Easy User Interface


SSL encryption plus 2 Factor Authentication will secure your Customer

Complete Module

Payroll, Overbook, Interbank (Online, SKN, RTGS), Batch, and Payment

Flexible User Matrix

Create your own Approval path


Cluster enable application to handle your business growth

Fast Implementation

Readyness application, Customizable, and Integration 'enabled' application


Payment Processing

jSwitch (JakartaSwitch) is payment processor/routing transaction, it consist of three modules jSwitch Core, jSwitch Web Console & Monitoring and jSwitch Settlement Engine

jSwitch is reliable payment routing transaction engine with robust speed, parallel processing, active – active node and come with ready to use specification template

jSwitch also come with Realtime Monitoring (Channel Monitoring, Transaction Monitoring, Message Monitoring & System Monitoring)

Our Team

We have open position for Technical Writer and Java Programmer, send your CV to

Developer Team

With Habib and Our CEO

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