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    We give you best of our services, to satisfy your expectation

    Ready Product

    Ready Product, Less Customisation, Proven Implementation, and Short Implementation Time will boost up your business, see our product catalog

    IT Consultant

    We have experience for more than 7 years in IT for Banking & Financial Industries, we can give you solution with best practice methodologies
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    We provide sharing fee scheme to minimize your initial cost, you just focus on your business. Our sharing fee application such as iLOS (Integrated Loan Origination System), and jSwitch Remittance


    Monitor-able Project means Predictable, With our unique transparent work-in-progress software, you can monitor project in realtime

    Why JTEK Solutions?

    Awesome Services

    Our Product is ready, so when we give demonstration to you, it is real solution, feel it by 'touching' it. When it is come to custom application, we give you prototype so you still can 'touch' it (jangan beli kucing dalam karung), just contact us you will feel how awesome our services are.

    Blazing Fast Implementation

    Blazing Fast Implementation, Software Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our priority. Our product is ready and we are very experienced in Building Enterprise Application from scratch. Don't wait anymore, just contact us!

    Scalability, Performance and Speed

    Our #1 technical priority is a fast, stable and consistent user experience. We make scaling our software transparent to our users and achieve speed through our robust design and optimized execution.

    Seamless Integration

    With our streamlined process, we have integrated more than 20 third party data sources, valuation and reporting services, bureaus and servicing providers so it’s simply a matter of turning on what you need.

    Power in User's Hands

    We focus on putting power in the hands of our users with our wiki online documentation, consistent training and setup, visual workflow, built-in production support and client driven software enhancements.

    Whether your application is in-house or a product for resale, we have a complete integrated platform built around J2EE servers augmented by open-source technologies. This gives you:

    • An off-the-shelf architecture, easily adaptable if necessary
    • A way of integrating new tools and technologies – future-proofing your investment
    • Transparency – we don’t cover our components in a proprietary layer to lock you in
    • The fastest, most flexible way of building your application. We let you focus on the business: we’ll take care of the software platform

    Our Technical Skills

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